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How you can enjoy your lactation treats NOW

There’s no shortage of lactation cookies, brownies, and other treats in the Internet now. Facebook and Instagram has a host of sellers offering these goodies that help boost a mom’s milk supply.

The problem is, what if I want those cookies RIGHT NOW? Especially for a mom currently on maternity leave, getting your hands on these goodies normally follows this timeline:

1. PM the seller to order. Wait at least 1 working day for confirmation of your order and payment details.

2. Make your way to the bank, do online transfer, or make an online credit card/PayPal payment.

3. Wait for the merchant to confirm your payment. 

4. In most cases, wait a few days for the home baker to produce your order.

5. Give another day or two for her to deliver your order.

In other words, it will take five days to a week before you get your hands on those goods.

BUT I NEED TO BOOST MY MILK SUPPLY NOW. And I’m just super craving for them already.

The good news is, I’ve discovered that my go-to online grocery shopping app is now delivering lactation goods! They carry Milking Bombs (my current fave), as well as Mama Chows and Mommy Treats both via The Parenting Emporium shop on Honestbee). It’s easy! Just download the app on the Apple Store or Google Play, take your pick, and choose the schedule you want your goodies to be delivered (sometimes possible within the next hour or two!). 

Milking Bombs

The Parenting Emporium on Honestbes

If you aren’t an Honestbee user yet, you can use my referral code through this link and get P500 off for every P2500 purchase on Honestbee – that’s like getting a box of Milking Bombs for free!

Mommy says: Check the app for applicable delivery areas. Experienced using this within the Pasig area

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