My go-to baby food store

In an ideal world, I would have time to boil, mash, or puree fruits or veggies for my baby every day. But the reality is, I barely have any time to do anything else when I get home from work, aside from have dinner, pump, then prepare my baby’s milk for the following day. Thankfully, I have a go-to store where I buy organic baby food. 

Healthy Options has a wide variety of baby food that’s free from chemical additives and harmful preservatives. I especially like the many choices Earth’s Best baby food has to offer – though my little one loves anything with peas. 

Healthy Options also carries Happy Baby, and my baby always eats their Simple Combos line with gusto – and is to be credited for her first try at kale and quinoa! 

They also carry baby cereal, and Healthy Times is my preferred brand. I especially like their Brown Rice Cereal variety. What I do is mix cereal and bottled baby food, much like you would combine rice and viand. My baby always finishes her food when I do that!

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