Mommy’s ultimate playlist

During a conference I attended in Bali last year, a Spotify exec revealed that there is a spike in usage of Spotify in the Philippines at around 1AM. What’s interesting – and not really surprising – is most of these users are parents trying to lull their babies to sleep.

You’d probably expect most of them playing relaxing classical music, but Spotify offers a host of options for the sleep-deprived parent in the form of lullabies.

The cool thing is, there are lullaby versions of songs you’d actually listen to on a normal day. These range from pop, to alternative, and even to indie. 

Here are a couple of tunes to check out:

1. Lullaby version of U2 songs

U2 lullabyes on spotifyListen: Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of

2. Lullaby version of Coldplay songs

Listen: Yellow

3. Lullaby version of The Weeknd

Listen: Can’t Feel My Face

4. Lullaby version of Taylor Swift

Listen: Blank Space

5. Lullaby version of Bruno Mars songs

Listen: Locked Out of Heaven

6. Lullaby version of Beatles songs

Listen: Let it Be

7. Lullaby version of Rihanna songs

Listen: We Found Love

8. Lullaby version of Adele Songs

Listen: Chasing Pavements

9. Lullaby version of Michael Jackson songs

Listen: Man in the Mirror

10. Lullaby version of Guns ‘N Roses

Listen: Sweet Child of Mine

BONUS: Lullaby version of Game of Thrones opening credits!

Listen: GoT

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